Custom wood & glass Installation

Serving the Oakland CA area

Window and door installation can be problematic. Even the slightest missed measurement on a window or door frame can result in a catastrophe. Don’t take the risk – choose East Bay Glass in Oakland, CA and get the job done right!

Rise above the rest

Our window, door and glass installation services rise above the rest and it’s easy to see why. Who better to install a custom window or door than the glass manufacturer themselves? This is why our installation services are unmatched in the Bay Area – because we can create and fit doors and windows like a hand to a glove.

We work under the most meticulous conditions in order to guarantee you superior products and services, every time.

Speedy service

Our installation is not only precise, but also fast. From vinyl to aluminum and glass, we can get your window or door installed quickly so not to disturb your entire day.

Commercial installation

We always provide quality installation for homeowners, large residential/commercial properties and their maintenance managers, homeowner associations and maintenance engineers for high-rise towers, retail storefronts and civic centers. No matter what establishment you need a window or door for, you are good hands with us at East Bay Glass.

Call our facility in Oakland today to set up an initial consultation at 510-346-5262.