residential & commercial glass repair in Oakland CA

Residential Glass Repair Oakland CA

We make it, we install it and we maintain it.

Custom window and door creation, installation and maintenance have never been handled in the Bay Area by a more professional and knowledgeable manufacturer like us. From our tools to our creation methods, we will get you a window or door that can save you time, money and more.

When you need window or door installation for your home or business, feel confident in entrusting us with the task.

Fabrication and testing facilities

We manufacture all the windows and doors we install. This not only provides perfect fits the first time, it also means we can easily explain how it was created, tested and delivered to you.

We test all of our windows and doors for simulated wind, water and structural loads.

We will come to you anywhere in Oakland, CA along with the entire Bay Area, measure your window or door frame perfectly, then create a custom-fit glass, aluminum or vinyl masterpiece. Other companies use spare parts they have and try to make them fit with your window or door frame. We believe that custom creations are the solution to all structural and aesthetic needs.

Emergency service

Our job doesn’t end after installation. We want to help keep your windows, doors or glass storefronts in perfect shape. This is why we offer same day or night emergency service. We are not only here for you after installation but all hours of the day and night. Come experience our customer dedication for yourself today!

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For home or commercial window replacement and more, contact the best glass company in Oakland CA today!